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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Winery Dog

This was a pretty majestic dog. Especially the fur – it seemed to shine in the light. I called the dog over into the direct sunlight, and after petting it for a minute he started to drink from the fountain on the patio. That’s when I got this shot. Nikon D700, 1/2000th at f2.8, ISO […]

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Sunrise Sunbeams

Early morning flights. Bleech. The only good part is that you see a part of the day that normally is missed – early morning sunrise. Nikon D700, 1/320th at f8, ISO 200, 56mm on the 24-70. Through the window of a 737 courtesy of Southwest. That’s an airplane window I’m shooting through! Beau Hause

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Josh stayed as still as possible while I did the long exposure in manual mode with the remote shutter release. He’s smoking a cigarette – that’s the light trails hovering around his face. We definitely used the tripod on this one. Post process in Lightroom – added black fill and vignette, and changed to black […]

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This tunnel is a single lane going across a wide expanse near the golden gate bridge. Thanks to Phil Hess for the idea, he had been wanting to shoot this one for a while. It’s got a light that allows traffic to come from each end, taking turns so no one has a head on. […]

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The California Academy of Science Museumis a great place for photography. There’s a bunch of aquariums, a 4 story rainforest, and some cool displays. This photo is of the rooftop of the museum – a living breathing organism. There are air vents for the building that open electronically by actuator, and an irrigation system. It […]

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