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Lilian 1 Year Old Photographs – Children on White Backgrounds

Lilian is a beautiful baby. She has an amazing smile, and is sweet and easygoing. She was a joy to photograph!

I’m really loving the new studio stuff. This was shot on a 9 foot roll of seamless white paper and a set of white tileboard a la Zack Arias. One of my strobes, the LP120, crapped out and I had to improvise with the two remaining strobes I had on hand, a Nikon SB-900 and an old SB-26. The SB-26 is on a c stand on a Lightware foursquare and a softbox set up with only one strobe. Sadly, I think the LP120 died because I shorted out the bottom pin of the unit on the foursquare flash mount. The softbox is great and the light looks really good, but I’m still working things out. I also need to practice more with the setup so I can do it on location, on demand without worry. I’m not quite there yet!

Nikon with various lenses, 24-70, 70-200, and the fabulous but difficult to focus Macro 105 lens. 1-250th of a second, from f3.5 to f2.8, at ISO 400. Lightware softbox at 45 degrees to the left, some have a white background courtesy of the single SB-26 on the background. It is hard to get a good exposure consistently across the background. I used a home made gobo on the camera side of the flash to keep the flash from giving too much flare and wrap on the camera right side of Lilian’s face.

There is no greater honor than to capture our little ones as they are growing up. This is what makes me love photography so much. Thank you Lilian!

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