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Schelper Family Portraits

This time of year is really amazing. It’s like one foot is in to winter and another is putting a toe into spring. There are some flowers, but it’s still cold out. Beautiful. Sacramento has these wonderful characteristic oak trees that blanket the skyline near the rivers, and I used them as a background for most of these during this shoot with the Schelper family. I can totally see using this spot for a band photo shoot, it rocks! (pun intended). Natomas Oaks Park is the location.

One light, reflective umbrella (which I thrashed and bent horribly due to light wind, good thing they are cheap!) to the left around 45 degrees anywhere from 1/2 to full power. Nikon SB-900, D700 with the 24-70 and sometimes the 70-200 for the portraits. Most are 1/250th at 7.1 at ISO 400, some vary due to light and shadow.


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