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Family & Kids Photography in Elk Grove Sacramento | Monica Smith

These kids were a lot of fun to shoot! As much fun as I have doing photography, they kids always have more fun because they are doing kid stuff. Remember when opening a present was the most exciting thing in the entire world? When getting ice cream was the central focus of your entire life? When you would bug Mom and Pop for an extra 5 minutes at the park to run and play? Yup. That’s why I love shooting kids. They live that kind of fun and excitement every day.

Monica’s kids were like that. They are sweet and fun and easy to get to smile. (Always good for photographers). I absolutely had a bunch of fun shooting their family portraits.

Nikon D700 with the 105mm macro lens and the 24-70 regular lens, flashes are my SB900 and SB26 with either the foursquare softbox and/or a shoot through umbrella at varying power settings. Triggered by optical when my batteries died briefly inside, then switched to pocket wizards for maximum reliability outside.



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