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Hot Buttered Rum & The Brothers Comatose @Harlows

Hot Buttered Rum and the Brothers Comatose at Harlow’s in Sacramento. Fun show, these are truly talented musicians that know how to do it up right. It’s fun to be a part of a show like this where you can get right up to the front row and really see what the heck is going on. Or hang back and dance with the… dancing people in the back. I like it up front myself. It’s fun to be right there in the moment and part of it. Harlow’s is great for that.

14-24. One photo the wide one with the whole band.

24-70. 5 of them, mid to normal.

70-200. All of the close ups or longer shots. Probably my favorite all around for this venue.

And the Nikon D700. Still love that camera, even more with the battery grip and the faster frame rate.



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