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Diego’s Umbrella @Harlows Sacramento

Diego’s Umbrella puts on one of the most high energy shows I have seen. I have never seen so many band members, including the drummer, go out into the audience for some quality time during a song. Guitarists perhaps. Drummers? Not so much. I wish they were in Sacramento more often.

This show I pretty much parked in the front row right on the stage, which gave me ample opportunity to try out my new 14-24 lens. 90% of my shots are with that lens, about 5% the 24-70 and 5% the 70-200. D700 with a battery grip. f2.8 for the most part, 3200-6400 ISO, and between 1/160th to 1/500th shutter.

Enjoy life, the people around you, and remember to look around every once in a while. Today is a good day.

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