Delta Spirit and Kiyoshi at the Fillmore

Delta Spirit and Kiyoshi at the Fillmore. Great venue. Kiyoshi played the poster room before the main event, there are a few shots of that room that I really love. Interesting history, color, and compositions abound in those posters. Delta Spirit played an amazing show. Their album has been on my Spotify on constant repeat for the last couple of weeks. This was a challenging show to shoot due to constantly changing conditions in low light, and only three songs to shoot. Anyone know why that is? Hit me up in the comments if you do.

All of the photos can be found here.

Have a great week.






3 responses to “Delta Spirit and Kiyoshi at the Fillmore”

  1. Marcus Schmidt on Facebook Avatar

    Nice!!! Thanks again Beau!

  2. Aaron Wittman Avatar
    Aaron Wittman

    All great shots Beau. I especially love the b+w — the framing is perfect.

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