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Shooting at low apertures, it’s always fun to try to find bright spots of light to create good bokeh. This is one of those! This is a park seat with bright beautiful sunset tones across the top of it. I was thinking of Chase Jarvis’s quote about how ‘there are always 20 good photos within […]

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No strobe shot of my daughter playing in the park tonight. She had found some fuzzy poofs and was throwing them up in the air. I thought it might be a good time for a silhouette shot! I like the sunburst behind her, the clarity of the poofs in the air behind her, and her […]

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.8 second at f20,ISO 200 340 mm from my 70-200 with the 1.7 telextender. This is about 30 minutes to sunset – you can see the light in the back of the frame from the setting sun.No strobe, experimenting with the new gear (thanks Santa) and seeing what she can do! Have a great 3 […]

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Lone Tree

This tree was alone at the top of the hill in an unnamed park in Morgan Hill California near the house where I grew up. I think it may be an oak or a cypress tree. Please let me know if anyone knows for sure. 1/200th at f2.8, ISO 400 with my 28-70. I tweaked […]

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Smoke 3

This is an abstract photo I did, lots of photoshop and post processing. You can find more info here: Here’s a video if you are interested in the how to. House smells like smoke again, but its fun and worth it from a visual standpoint. Beau

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