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March Photo Fun Day | Locke Sacramento CA

Photography is more fun with models. It just is. Get yourself a model who knows a bit about posing technique, where to look, how to draw on emotions and express them, and it’s magic. The cool thing is, most people can do this with a little bit of direction from the photographer, if they know […]

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Schelper Family Portraits

This time of year is really amazing. It’s like one foot is in to winter and another is putting a toe into spring. There are some flowers, but it’s still cold out. Beautiful. Sacramento has these wonderful characteristic oak trees that blanket the skyline near the rivers, and I used them as a background for […]

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New Studio Stuff

I have been working on getting the studio up and running at the house. So far we have lots of lightstands and a bunch of mods, 9 foot white seamless and a ton of home depot accessories. No lights yet though, still on backorder. Forever perhaps. For those of you photogs out there, here’s a […]

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Toyota Racecar Portrait

One of my favorite parts of my job is shooting portraits of graduates for a slide show during the graduation ceremony. It’s run and gun photography due to how many need to get done (usually 50-100 at a time). Every once in a while I get to slow down a bit and make a special […]

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Mommy and Me

You’ve got to love black and white kids photos. Especially when they are as cute as this, and when they are of Mommy and Me. I wish I had a shot of me as a kid with my mom! Shot on a black background, 1/25th of a second at f4, ISO 200 at 1/16th power […]

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