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Tower Bridge Sacramento

Tower Bridge in Sacramento

Taken at night from the pier below the bridge (and Joe’s Crab Shack), this frame was hard to get. I had a hard time getting far enough away with the 24-70 (maybe time for the 14-24?) to get the whole thing viewable.

1/20th of a second at f8.0, ISO250 at 24mm. About 15 minutes after the sun set, the sky will turn beautiful colors and give nice gradients. Boosted them a bit with PS though!

Have a great week!

Black and White Portrait

This is an older portrait I did of my daughter. Strong backlight and sharp focus on her eyes are what makes this photo pop, and the expression on her face is priceless. A while ago I came across this poem written for my photo, which I absolutely love.

“Like first rays of pale light spilling gently into the shadows of dawn’s awakening
fresh, pure, soft, ambient, delicate, beautiful, innocently unfolding into the
mystery of a new day.

Introspection slipping momentarily into her eyes, as she slowly breathes in, to let out a sigh of awe and wonder”.

You can read more of Jesann’s great work at her page on Allpoetry here.

Black and White Portrait

Poem by Jesann
© 2009

Photo by Beau Hause © 2009


Night photography is one of my all time favorite types of photography. Long exposures somehow make things more interesting. You can always count on exposures over 5-10 seconds to show you things that you normally would not see when looking through the lens. Colors start to pop, motion blurs into cool patterns, and things just generally look cooler.

13 seconds at f8.0, ISO 1000 at 24mm.

Thanks to Phil Hess for the spot, he had it already scoped out and knew right where to go for a cool perspective.

I love the deep purples in the sky and the glassy water, and the framing of the stars in the sky from the brush surrounding us.



Link to the rest of the series:

Had a wonderful night last night shooting a tree with my bud Phil Hess. Yes a tree! This was a single lone tree near Roseville California, off the road a piece but not too far from civilization. Over a barbed wire fence and across a muddy field. You can see the road and the traffic trails in the background on some of the photos.

I like this tree because it has good lines, and a good background against the western sky (good for setting sun). Planning to go back on a day with more clouds.

This photo – D700, 70-200 at 70mm, ISO 1000, f11 and 1/1600th of a second. Manual mode. The others in the series vary in shutter speed (up to about 15 seconds!) and aperture from f8 to f16, with most of them at f11.



Happy Saturday Folks!

This is a shot of two cute kids dancing at a wedding I recently shot at. They seemed to be playing off each other like Fred and Ginger, and they were dressed to the nines so they were extra cute.

Nikon D700, 1/4 second at f8.0, ISO250. Flash bounced from the ceiling on manual mode, TTL flash mode. Normally you’d never be able to hand hold a quarter second, but the flash does most of the heavy lifting on the exposure so it works out. You can see the motion blur from the little boys feet because it was exposed by the constant tungsten light from the DJ stage lighting. You can also see the last of the evening light exposing the sky in the windows behind them.



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