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Forest Sunburst

Taken in Pollock Pines California, this type of shot is a bit of a departure from normalcy for me. No flash. No effects. No post process (other than minimal LR tweaks). 1/10th at f11, ISO 800 on my D700 24-70 at full wide focal length. I picked a high aperture to get more of the burst effect while opening up my shutter speed down to what worked out a decent background exposure. Interestingly, this was a hand held shot – no tripod. It’s not perfectly sharp but that’s ok with me.


I love the rainbow from the lens flare and the light coming through the leaves of the tree in the foreground.


Have a great week everyone.


Beau Hause


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Melissa Family Portraits

The rest of the photos can be found here:

Adorable family + extremely hyperactive baby = cute photos. You just have to shoot a lot of frames and hope for the best! It also helps to keep your eye squarely planted in the viewfinder… Unless you are trying to make the baby smile, in which case you shoot from the hip and refer to the first tip… (lots of frames)    🙂

Beau Hause

Beau Hause Photography

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