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Diego’s Umbrella @Harlows Sacramento

Diego’s Umbrella puts on one of the most high energy shows I have seen. I have never seen so many band members, including the drummer, go out into the audience for some quality time during a song. Guitarists perhaps. Drummers? Not so much. I wish they were in Sacramento more often.

This show I pretty much parked in the front row right on the stage, which gave me ample opportunity to try out my new 14-24 lens. 90% of my shots are with that lens, about 5% the 24-70 and 5% the 70-200. D700 with a battery grip. f2.8 for the most part, 3200-6400 ISO, and between 1/160th to 1/500th shutter.

Enjoy life, the people around you, and remember to look around every once in a while. Today is a good day.

February 16, 2012 - 7:30 pm

Marcus Schmidt on Facebook - Killer shots Beau!!! You manage to outdo yourself once again!

Wilcox Harary Wedding

Annie was a beautiful bride. The Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento was a beautiful venue. Alex and Annie had a great wedding on a very beautiful February afternoon in midtown Sacramento. Downtown Sacramento really presents some incredible photo backdrop options that make for a beautiful, simple, and elegant wedding location. Congratulations to both Alex and Annie!


Selected Photos from the Wedding

Many Photos from the Wedding (the Whole Enchilada)

Noelle Senior Portrait

Noelle was a lot of fun to take pictures of. She has a very easygoing and relaxed personality, and she’s not afraid to pose for the camera either!

Nikon D700 with 24-70 and 70-200 lenses. Rough split. A few in the studio to start and then on to old Sacramento for the train station and down by the river. Great place to shoot photographs, it has very nice backgrounds, ambiance, and the river is nice too.

Have a great week!

Hot Buttered Rum & The Brothers Comatose @Harlows

Hot Buttered Rum and the Brothers Comatose at Harlow’s in Sacramento. Fun show, these are truly talented musicians that know how to do it up right. It’s fun to be a part of a show like this where you can get right up to the front row and really see what the heck is going on. Or hang back and dance with the… dancing people in the back. I like it up front myself. It’s fun to be right there in the moment and part of it. Harlow’s is great for that.

14-24. One photo the wide one with the whole band.

24-70. 5 of them, mid to normal.

70-200. All of the close ups or longer shots. Probably my favorite all around for this venue.

And the Nikon D700. Still love that camera, even more with the battery grip and the faster frame rate.



Sierra Hull @ Harlow’s

Sierra Hull put on a great show at Harlow’s with Rob Ickes and Jim Hurst. Sierra is quite the powerhouse and seriously rocks the mandolin. Rob is also one serious dobro player!

Below are my favorites, you can see all of the evening here. 



Nikon D700 with a 24-70 and a 70-200, mostly the 70-200 though. I was very sad this week to have dropped my 24-70 and will be without it for at least two weeks. This is akin to missing a family member! Extra beer should be required to manage the grief. Preferably a Sierra Nevada Pale ale.

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