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March Photo Fun Day | Locke Sacramento CA

Photography is more fun with models. It just is. Get yourself a model who knows a bit about posing technique, where to look, how to draw on emotions and express them, and it’s magic. The cool thing is, most people can do this with a little bit of direction from the photographer, if they know what they are doing and the subject is willing!  Jessica didn’t really need the direction though, she knows what she is doing and has a future in this.

Nikon SB-900 with the SB-III small softbox, triggered by the venerable pocket wizards. D700 with the 24-70, sometimes the 70-200, and just a few times the micro 105. I’m finding the 105 to be really beautiful for portraits.

Shot in Locke CA, which is a great location if you have never shot there before. Lots of great backgrounds and little spots to shoot.


Babies in Black and White

I love the way babies look in black and white. So adorable.  This is Lilian from a recent shoot at my new studio setup. Working a bit with high contrast and popping the eyes a bit… What do you think?

More info on the studio setup soon! New Einsteins!

March 4, 2011 - 6:49 pm

Ann-Marie Stillion - Excellent. And yes. Black and white for babies is a winning combo.

March 5, 2011 - 3:10 am

Kurt Kemling - Just perfect buddy.

Schelper Family Portraits

This time of year is really amazing. It’s like one foot is in to winter and another is putting a toe into spring. There are some flowers, but it’s still cold out. Beautiful. Sacramento has these wonderful characteristic oak trees that blanket the skyline near the rivers, and I used them as a background for most of these during this shoot with the Schelper family. I can totally see using this spot for a band photo shoot, it rocks! (pun intended). Natomas Oaks Park is the location.

One light, reflective umbrella (which I thrashed and bent horribly due to light wind, good thing they are cheap!) to the left around 45 degrees anywhere from 1/2 to full power. Nikon SB-900, D700 with the 24-70 and sometimes the 70-200 for the portraits. Most are 1/250th at 7.1 at ISO 400, some vary due to light and shadow.


February 26, 2011 - 11:51 pm

wendy reed - Fave is the playful one with them all peaking out from the moss covered trees Beau. It is awesome!

February 27, 2011 - 6:55 am

Rachel Camarero - Love the black and whites!!


Here’s some of my recent wedding images. Comment on this post or click the contact button on the blog page to check availability!

Lilian 1 Year Old Photographs – Children on White Backgrounds

Lilian is a beautiful baby. She has an amazing smile, and is sweet and easygoing. She was a joy to photograph!

I’m really loving the new studio stuff. This was shot on a 9 foot roll of seamless white paper and a set of white tileboard a la Zack Arias. One of my strobes, the LP120, crapped out and I had to improvise with the two remaining strobes I had on hand, a Nikon SB-900 and an old SB-26. The SB-26 is on a c stand on a Lightware foursquare and a softbox set up with only one strobe. Sadly, I think the LP120 died because I shorted out the bottom pin of the unit on the foursquare flash mount. The softbox is great and the light looks really good, but I’m still working things out. I also need to practice more with the setup so I can do it on location, on demand without worry. I’m not quite there yet!

Nikon with various lenses, 24-70, 70-200, and the fabulous but difficult to focus Macro 105 lens. 1-250th of a second, from f3.5 to f2.8, at ISO 400. Lightware softbox at 45 degrees to the left, some have a white background courtesy of the single SB-26 on the background. It is hard to get a good exposure consistently across the background. I used a home made gobo on the camera side of the flash to keep the flash from giving too much flare and wrap on the camera right side of Lilian’s face.

There is no greater honor than to capture our little ones as they are growing up. This is what makes me love photography so much. Thank you Lilian!

February 19, 2011 - 4:11 am

Scott Lance - Beau, the Dr. Seuss book is really cool. Very well done!

February 19, 2011 - 4:25 am

Kurt Kemling - Great work man. I love the studio stuff too. The foursquare is cool! I’ll have to read more about the tile you mentioned. Does it give unique catchlights or something?

February 19, 2011 - 4:26 am

Kurt Kemling - Or is it like foamcore?

February 19, 2011 - 4:32 am

Beau Hause - The foursquare is a thing that lets you put up to four flashes together in one unit to increase your flash power and apparent size of your flash. It also fits on an umbrella stand, or a regular lighstand. I’m really liking that it can break down in to a small size and also work well in a studio situation. Some of my favorite light is studio look in a non studio situation! 🙂

February 19, 2011 - 4:38 am

Kurt Kemling - Sorry. I have the foursquare but was wondering what the tile thing was you mentioned. Either way beautiful work man.

February 19, 2011 - 4:39 am

Beau Hause - Check this out Kurt, from Home depot via
Tile Board :: $11 per 4×8′ sheet at Home Depot. This stuff rocks. This is going to give you a nice white floor and a reflection under your subject. You need a few sheets of it. Check out the photo below to get the exact stock number. You can find it at Lowes as well. You’ll find these either in the area where they keep paneling or in the bath fixtures department as it is used to wall in showers and bathrooms. You want the pure white smooth kind. They have some that has a bit of a pebbled texture to it. Don’t bother with that stuff. It is brown on the back side which actually photographs beautifully as a background when thrown a bit out of focus. Its a floor! Its a background! Make the most out of what you have!

February 19, 2011 - 4:40 am

Beau Hause - This stuff is amazing, totally beautiful and great backgrounds and as a floorboard.

February 19, 2011 - 4:41 am

Kurt Kemling - Haha. Nice. I’m loving that! Finding reflective surfaces is fun. I do a lot of corporate product stuff And use clear acrylic over the infinity paper. But it’s cost prohibitive to get for people so I’ll check it out. Thanks man. 😉

February 19, 2011 - 4:42 am

Beau Hause - You can’t beat this stuff at 9.98 a sheet. It’s so cheap!

March 4, 2011 - 6:45 pm

Babies in Black and White » Beau Hause Photography - […] love the way babies look in black and white. So adorable.  This is Lilian from a recent shoot at my new studio setup. Working a bit with high contrast and popping the eyes a bit… What do […]

March 27, 2011 - 7:04 pm

Studio Portraits in Sacramento | Studio Setup Pictures » Beau Hause Photography - […] was a pretty big day opening up the contents of an entire studio. I’ve already used the setup a few times and am really happy with it. Now the key is getting the wife to let me keep it in there! […]

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